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Everyone could use a little independent perspective once in a while. Unlike many consulting firms, all d2 Business Performance Group leaders and consultants have decades of real world business experience and have been in hundreds of formal and informal coaching, mentoring and facilitation positions throughout ur careers.  Our clients leverage our experience and proven ability to ask the hard questions and guide to optimize performance results for a team, an individual or a project.  

Mentoring/Coaching – the people in your organization are the key to your success. No matter what level in the organization from “C” level executive to individual contributor, everyone can benefit from alittle independent perspective once in a while.We will work with your organization to develop lunch-and-learn discussions; group coaching sessions, and/or comprehensive workshops to help break through obstacles that may be impeding progress and preventing you from reaching specific performance goals or overall corporate objectives. We offer mentoring and coaching for corporate executives, middle managers, and high potentials to help them reach professional goals specific to: career transition, interpersonal and professional communication, performance management, organizational effectiveness, building effective teams, and strategic thinking.

Facilitation –d2 Business Performance Group leverages proven techniques for meeting/project facilitation. The individuals in your company have the knowledge and capability to make you successful. However, when teams are formed to meet some specific objective, they sometimes let “group dynamics” impede their progress. The effort ends up costing more than expected and the end result is less than optimal. Through our proven facilitation approach we help to minimize the impacts of start-up group dynamics, keep the team on task, leverage the insights of all participants and maximize the quality of the end product. Examples of facilitated work sessions include: strategy development, project plan development, risk/opportunity plan development, proposal win plan development, etc.