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Examples of our Business Acumen Development ProgramsTM are: 

Business Acumen Development for Business Leaders     

-   Target Participation: Experienced and/or new leaders      
-   Desired Outcome: Improved awareness and alignment will have a direct impact on business value 
-   8-15 Participants     
-   1-2 hour preparation (individual self passed Q/A through web)     
-   1.5 day training and out brief 

Business Acumen Development for Future Leaders
-   Target Participation: Recognized future leaders and new leaders     
-   Desired Outcome: Self awareness leads to more rapid value contribution     
-   8-15 Participants   
-   1-2 hour preparation (individual self passed Q/A through web)        
​ -   1.5 day training and out brief

Leadership Outcome Type

Financial Signature/Mission Cockpit



Business Acumen Development ProgramsTM:

Are your leaders/teams predisposed to make decisions that drive value? 
Are their behaviors aligned with your organization’s strategy and culture? 
Will the decisions lead to growth, stagnation or decline?

Traditionally, companies focus on implementations of “interventions” (i.e. processes, tools,strategy, culture, etc.) intended to assist their employees to make rational decisions that maximize value. However, these interventions do not address a leader’s innate (irrational) behavioral characteristics that may in fact lead to poor decisions and could lead a company into decline. 

Business Acumen is the knowledge, ability and behavioral propensity to create capital, and increase the valuation of a company. The most effective companies have leaders at all levels with strong business acumen and their organizations are tuned to the strengths of their staff. For this to be most successful, the individuals need to be self-aware of their behavioral tendencies, and leadership needs to be aware of the relationships between individuals in order to best structure the organization and implement initiatives that take advantage of these behavioral tendencies. 

​Our programs start with an assessment of individuals business acumen behaviors, as well as the behaviors of their teams and the company to identify what we call Financial Signatures/Mission. We provide training to the team in regard to the concept of Business Acumen Development and to provide an awareness of how their behaviors impact their decisions. Finally, we provide individual and/or team coaching to help individuals/teams “adjust” their Financial Mission to align to the company’s valuation target.

Our Business Acumen Model is based on over 10 years of research
and concepts developed by the Perth Leadership Institute as well as academic research in Behavioral Finance/Economics, including the works of contributors to the field such as Nobel Laureate Dr. Daniel Kahneman (the “Father” of Behavioral Economics).